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Galeet Dardashti’s Monajat

Galeet Dardashti’s multi-sensory project and album, Monajat, is inspired by old and haunting recordings of Jewish prayers chanted by her late grandfather, Younes Dardashti, a famous master singer of Persian classical music in 1950s/60s Iran.  Singing with remixed samples of her grandfather's legacy recording, Galeet riffs off these old tapes and composes a soundscape of original music performed by an acclaimed ensemble of Middle Eastern and jazz musicians. As she dialogues with her grandfather in song, she immerses audiences in Persian melodies backed by heavy grooves. This powerful album is both deeply Jewish and deeply Persian at a time of tremendous anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.


Iranian-descended Galeet Dardashti leads the all-female power-house Middle Eastern Jewish ensemble, Divahn. With its fresh and fiery take on Sephardi/Mizrahi music—eclectic Indian, Middle Eastern, and Latin percussion, lush string arrangements and vocals spanning Hebrew, Persian, Arabic, Ladino, and Aramaic, Divahn underscores common ground between diverse Middle Eastern cultures and religions.


Divahn’s brand new album Shalhevet 

"Extraordinary….stunning. From the first moment I was riveted and the power never let up…  It’s one of the best Jewish albums I’ve heard in years.  I can’t stop listening to it.”  

-Yossi Klein HaLevi,  journalist and author

“a striking project…that bridges generations and geography…with an all-star cast.” 

-John Schaefer, WNYC, New Sounds

“Spellbinding…. a glorious album celebrating the close connection between classical Persian and Jewish music… a powerful statement about the common ground they share”


“a fascinating project… an inspired take on a rich archive.”
-The Guardian

“This is a gorgeous album exploring little-known Jewish music and history.” 

-David Dalle, CKCU

“Even before you understand what is happening to you, you will be blown away by this powerful and vibrant voice!” 


“Monajat is one of those unforgettable performances that transcends time and space through intergenerational voices and mesmerizing visuals. Dardashti and the accompanying musicians are superb performers whose talents are indeed impressive and inspiring.”

-Greg Sandoval, Curator of Public Programs, Fowler Museum, UCLA. 

“authentic and novel…. the seamless merging of opposites”

-NJ Jewish News

“ haunting…. a soundscape performed by an acclaimed ensemble…. immersed in heavy grooves, sacred Hebrew and Persian poetry”

-The Forward

“a call and response dynamic like time and space traveling on a set of music…. impassioned performance”

-Queen City Sounds and Art

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