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Lerner and Moguilevsky

Four decades ago, Cesar Lerner and Marcelo Moguilevsky created a prolific duo, resuming the heritage of previous generations Klezmer bands and making a significant contribution to this style and to the Argentina music scene.

Born to Russian and Polish grandparents that migrated to Argentina in the early XXth. Century, Lerner and Moguilevsky have influenced the recreation of the Klezmer style since 1996. They developed a singular language based on improvisation, combining music elements from the Argentine folklore tradition, jazz, contemporary music, and tango.

Their six edited CDs follow a track that started with the purest Klezmer genre with «Klezmer en Buenos Aires» (1997), then paid homage to the first Jewish settlers in Argentina with «Basavilbaso» (1999), to reach to their third disc, “Shtil” (2001), probably the most intimate of them all. Then came “Sobreviviente” (Survivor) (2003), recorded live in the “Libertad” Jewish Temple in Buenos Aires

The fifth one, “Alef Bet” (2007) included compositions of their own, and “Sefarad” (2017) opened a new horizon for the duo. Traditional Ladino songs and original instrumental compositions make up their current repertoire to create a new sound environment, by the use of electronic devices, loops, flutes, piano, African balafon, hang, gongs, duduk, ney, clarinet, accordion, harmonica, mouth harps, drum, and singing.

Today, Klezfarad combines the Ashkenazi and Sephardi repertoire with the characteristic style of this duo that is widely acknowledged both in Argentina and abroad.

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Concertgewoub Amsterdam I Klezmore Festival Vienna I Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart saal , Vienna I Skirball Cultural Center,  L A, USA I Jewish Music Festival, Berkeley CA, USA I Chutzpah Festival Vancouver Canada I International Klezmer Festival, Furth Germany I Akkordeon Festival Vienna I BIMHUIS Amsterdam, Nederlands I Stanford University, USA I Jewish Culture Festival Krakow, Poland I CJH | Center for Jewish History NY, USA I University Tornotol, Canada I Purcell Room London I The Spitz, London Jazz Festival I Royal Hall at the South Bank Centre I Americas Society New York I Yale University New Haven, Connecticut I Boston University Boston, Massachussets USA I Ashkenaz FestivalToronto, Canadá I Diaspora Music Village Festival London, UK I Judische Kulturtage Gasteig, Munich, Germany I Tage Der Judischen Kultur Chemnitz Germany I Komedia Teathre Brighton, UK I The National Centre for Popular Music Sheffield I Cheetham School of Music Manchester I Birmingham & Leeds , Jewish Communities I 10th UK Festival of Jewish Culture London, UK I Kultufest NY I UCLA- LA

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