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Andy Statman

“A master of two idioms linked only by their demand for virtuosity and their down-home origins … ”  
-The New York Times 

“Andy Statman, clarinet and mandolin virtuoso, is an American visionary…” 
-The New Yorker

” … One of the most important Jewish creative artists of the postwar era.” 
-The Jerusalem Post


Andy Statman, virtuoso mandolinist, clarinetist and composer, has expanded the boundaries of traditional and improvisational forms throughout his long career. A major figure in Jewish music, American roots music and bluegrass for more than four decades, he is one of the fathers of the klezmer revival as well as a major voice in the music often described as Newgrass. His interest in Jewish music grew to include uniquely personal interpretations of the devotional melodies of the Chasidic movement, which are in turn informed by his affinity for acoustic American roots music, klezmer, and jazz. He has been named a National Heritage Fellow by the National Endowment of the Arts—the nation’s highest honor in the traditional arts.

Andy’s been a sought-after composer and collaborator for decades, performing and recording with Itzhak Perlman, Ricky Skaggs, Bela Fleck, the Grateful Dead, David Grisman, Vassar Clements, David Bromberg, Tim O’Brien, Michael Cleveland and countless others. His composition “Flatbush Waltz” is a one-song world music festival, occupying a place of honor in the repertoires of klezmer, country, bluegrass, Irish, Scandinavian and Central European musicians.


Andy likes to describe his performances (with long-time trio-mates Jim Whitney on bass and Larry Eagle on percussion) as “a three-way conversation…creating an experience between the audience and us”.

Andy Statman leads this outstanding bluegrass quartet featuring Gene Yellin (Guitar), Terry McGill (Banjo), Greg Vongas (Bass). Andy Statman is renowned worldwide as one of the genres most brilliant mandolin virtuosos.

The Andy's Ramble Bluegrass Band was conceived by Andy Statman and Gene Yellin in 2015 and represented a rejoining of two childhood friends, who grew up in the folk and bluegrass scene of the 1960's,where they played together in different bands for several years. Although Andy went on to enjoy a distinguished career in Klezmer Music, he has always remained dedicated to traditional bluegrass music. Gene has been one of the most recognized singers in the New York City bluegrass scene for decades.  Andy and Gene have recruited some of the best bluegrass players in the area to play with over the past 8 years and have performed dozens of concerts. The current configuration, with Terry McGill and Greg Vongas is one the best combinations, so far.  


Andy's Ramble


Andy Statman is universally recognized as one of the world’s foremost mandolin virtuoso’s! He began initially as a bluegrass performer and played in the iconic group, Breakfast Special, in his early years. A short time later his musical journey took him to the world of Klezmer music and he developed similar virtuosic facility on the clarinet. He has toured extensively all over the world in the past 35 years with his trio, playing Klezmer and Bluegrass music. He has recorded over a dozen albums. He recently was featured on the Grand Ole Opry and appears regularly with Itzhak Perlman. His website is, where a full description of his career accomplishments can be viewed.

Gene Yellin, guitar, is a 40 year veteran of the New York bluegrass scene. Gene has played with Hazel Dickens, Breakfast Special (Kenny Kosek, Andy Statman, etc), Yellin Grass (with his bluegrass banjo playing brother, Bob), Eastbound Freight and American Flyer (with Ben Freed). He has recorded with Hazel Dickens and Gene Lowinger. He is critically recognized as one of the best bluegrass singers to come out of the New York area.

Terry McGill, banjo, is one of the best known traditional banjo players in the Northeast having played and recorded with many ensembles over a 30 year period. He fronted his own band, “Straight Drive” for several years and their album of the same name received favorable airplay nationwide. He has been highlighted in Banjo Newsletter and has authored a book, “Alternate Tunings for Five-String Banjo” available from Mel Bay Publications. He has recorded two albums for Cabinwood Music.

Greg Vongas, bass, has been a mainstay of the acoustic music scene in both New York and New Jersey for over 30 years! He has played with Peter Rowan, Tex Logan, Larry Sparks, and Tony Trischka among others and for many years he was a member of guitar virtuoso Orin Starr’s band. He plays an eclectic variety of music, but bluegrass is his main love!

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