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The Great Israeli Songbook

As jazz musicians we learn early on standards of the great American songbook. These wonderful classic tunes are traditionally utilized as canvases on which the Jazz masters improvise and express their unique creativity.

“When I take in the incredible legacy of Israeli songs, I see an opportunity for an almost cathartic musical journey…  In recent years,  as I started playing around and improvising over this precious legacy, I realized that these Israeli songs  are to me exactly like what the Jazz standards were for the masters. Coming back to these songs with the baggage I have acquired from my adventures in the Jazz, classical and world music scenes felt incredibly refreshing and full of possibilities. Taking them out of their usual setting while exploring new angles and finding personal ways to express the story of each song – be it through the piano, or with my voice.

While performing those songs on my live streams, one of the things that struck me the most was reactions the international, non-israeli, audiences. Somehow, they felt super connected to these songs. This amazing experience led me to record a double album with 18 songs of the Great Israeli Songbook interpreted. The entire album was funded by the the international audience who was watching the online show; people from Israel, Canada, US, Australia, Hong Kong and all over Europe.  Furthermore, some of the songs I recorded were even chosen and voted on by the audience who supported the crowdfunding campaign.

Now bringing this repertoire into the playground of the trio is something I seriously look forward to. These songs cover a very wide spectrum of emotions, grooves, colors and atmospheres. Matched with the dynamic and spontaneous nature of the trio it is promised to be quite an explosion.


Selected Tracks From The Album:

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